Do you have a Will & is your Will current?

You may be interested to learn that if you do not have a Will or if your Will is not current upon your death, your hard earned assets may not be distributed as you would want. Your sentimental items may not make their way to those people you hoped they would and the remainder of your Estate may be distributed to people you did not intend. You may even exclude those important to you from ever receiving a part of your Estate and leave those close to you unable to support themselves in your absence.

However, there is no need to become worried or agitated. Making a new Will is not as overwhelming as you may first think. The Lawyers of our office are friendly, experienced in this area and conveniently located to meet with you, discuss your concerns and wishes and arrange the preparation and signing of your Will.

Important points to note about Wills

If you do not make a Will, the laws of intestacy apply, not your wishes.

If you want to make sure a certain item, or an amount of money goes to someone you love on your death, you need to make provision for them in your Will. If you don’t that person may miss out.

If you die without a Will, it can be expensive and a burden on your family to wind up your Estate.

Marriage invalidates a Will – it’s like you never had one!

Separation does not invalidate your Will – your ex-partner could still get a share under your Will, if you do not change your Will to exclude them.

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